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About Us

We are specialists in digital solutions

If it can be accessed on a computer or mobile device it can be built by us. Without smoke and mirrors, just with a good-looking interface, smart intuitive user experience and solid, expandable code.

Every person in our team has been hired because of their passion, experience and all-round greatness. We believe in our team and their ability to find the best solution to any challenge.

Microsoft Partner

If you are as passionate as we are about code and visual engineering then we would love to talk to you. Get in touch!


Seeing beyond the obvious

We are passionate about web technologies and look beyond the obvious marketing aspect of a web-site or web-application to the utility aspect of the web. The possibilities are endless...

Responsive platforms

Information is accessed on myriad devices, we don’t believe ‘responsive’ should be a sales gimmick. It should just be. We utilise the latest webtrends for effective responsive information delivery.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

ASP.NET Visual Studio Chassis


Apps for Africa

We are forever growing our app portfolio across the major platforms.

We don’t believe in wasting time developing applications that don’t deliver real value for our clients and their clients. Our dynamic in-house app team invest time, love and endless cups of coffee in staying on-top of best practice and latest technologies.

Do you know the difference between stand-alone apps and companion apps, what mobile platforms are growing and what the best choice for your business is?

Speak to us, because this is something we love speaking about!


We pride ourselves on secure, scalable and competitive hosting options

Nologo Studios boasts infrastructure both in the Republic of South Africa and the United States of America. We provide world-class hosting for our many local and international clients. In addition, we are very active in developing for the Microsoft Azure line of products and services and have invested significantly in this cloud solution.

Traditional hosting solutions are often rigid and uncompromising, or set up in such a way that they end up being very expensive to run. We pride ourselves in matching our software development readiness and expertise with the latest trends in cloud services and solutions. If you know the difference between a server and the cloud or have heard about these things, need to know what the best solution for your company is, we’re the people you should be speaking to.

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office 365 hosting

windows azure hosting

teraco hosting

Custom Software Solutions

Digital Asset Management Online Certification and Training

Digital Asset Management is, simply put, the management and co-ordination of the digital assets that a company has.

Easily sort, file and manage any material

Our solutions allow for simple uploading, downloading and categorising all types of media and formats in all resolutions so that internal staff, distributors, clients and resellers can find the right material quickly and efficiently.

Manage administration access

We can even manage who has access to which material very easily so that this can be run by your marketing team without involving IT!

Easy file access

Have you ever battled to find a specific logo or letterhead? Or been horrified when someone has used the wrong logo or sent something on a letterhead that was replaced 6 months ago? Our digital asset management solutions will make these problems a thing of the past.

There is no limit to our custom software options that we can provide for you. It’s easy to use and cost effective.

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Online Certification & Training Rewards Programmes

Our online training systems allow users to complete training using a web browser.

Easy and Interactive

This solution is easily adapted to include video and embedded images to make online certification easy and interactive.

Online Interaction

Our certification solution means that users can take online courses, get certified and track their progress. We have an intimate knowledge of the gamification of these systems and have some great case studies on this approach.

Manage administration access

It’s all about quantifiable data. If you need to know who is up to speed on training and which staff have completed courses, this solution is made with you in mind. This solution can also be set up for a limited time to satisfy a particular project if the need arises.

There is no limit to our custom software options that we can provide for you. It’s easy to use and cost effective.

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Rewards Programmes Recruitment and HR Software

Through the MyBonsela programme in conjunction with Whalley and Associates in Durban, Nologo Studios manages some of the biggest corporate rewards schemes in the country.


We differentiate specifically from loyalty based system and rather focus on rewarding behavior and culture within an organisation. If you can provide quantifiable data of any sort, we can reward on it.

Motivated and Educatate

If your product or brand is in a crowded marketplace we can ensure that sales staff, distributors and resellers are incentivised, motivated and educated to make sure your product stands out and gets the attention it deserves at the msot important part of the sales chain – right in front of the customer.

There is no limit to our custom software options that we can provide for you. It’s easy to use and cost effective.

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Recruitment & HR Software Digital Asset Management

Our recruitment systems are in place for some of the biggest corporate firms in the world!

Award winning software

We are incredibly proud of our workflow based recruitment systems and, through the use of these systems our customers have received multiple awards and high praise from recruitment specialists.

Find the best candidate

Attracting top recruits is the life blood of any company! Often times, securing the best candidate is a case of how well internal systems and HR functions are designed to manage applicants and create a viable employee value proposition.

Get the best results

Our solutions have a proven track record and our people centric approach is something every forward thinking company needs in order to have the best people and get the best results.

There is no limit to our custom software options that we can provide for you. It’s easy to use and cost effective.

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